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"Nothing says Fall like apples and spice so we have a new fragrance that we think is the ultimate in Fall offerings. Fresh tart apples and Grandma's just-from-the-oven gingersnap cookies. Top notes of delicate cookies spiced with ginger, clove, cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg blend subtly with fresh sliced apples for a wonderful olfactory experience."
"A fabulous orange and grapefruit balance with an exotic bergamot accord to open this sensual blend. Soft green leafy tones add natural appeal as they lead to the heart of grated ginger. Orange flower reinforces the citrus top note as clear musk carries the blend to a soft finish. This is a fantastic scent!"
"A yummy spiced gingerbread with rich and creamy butter notes, tiny hints of maple and nut with vanilla, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg!"
"Melt in your mouth, fresh from the oven and slathered with butter. This is 'the' gingerbread!"
"Warm, sweet and pungent, just like real fresh ginger! Smells very similar to the Origins Ginger Essence fragrance. Mixes great with fruits or florals, or try adding other spices or earthy notes to make your own complex blends!"
"Wonderful fresh ginger aroma. Great by itself for a spicy herbal scent, or mix it with other scents to come up with a delightful creative mix."
"Ginger fragrances continue to be popular and this one is certainly no exception. It is a perfect blend of ginger and lime with notes of other citruses such as grapefruit, lemon and more."
"Blend of ginger, lime, orange and apple."
"A crisp, fruity blend of ginger, limes, oranges and apples."
"The strong spice from the kitchen. This is invigorating and strong."
"A savory, bold ginger that is as close to the real thing as you can get. For an awesome combination, blend with some lime essential oil!"
"A spicy blend of clove, cinnamon, ginger, citrus, bergmot and nutmeg. Just like the fresh root."
"Just like freshly ground ginger root."
"Cooling, expanding uplifting pungent edge to the crisp smell, good in floral combinations..."
"The strong spice from the kitchen. This is invigorating and strong."
"Ginger has been the rage lately with Origins releasing their awesome new line. We wanted to duplicate that sexy scent for our own soaps and lotions."
"Fresh floral bouquet of jasmine and rose with hints of spice on a strong background of cedarwood, teak and sandalwood and a drydown of sweet musk. Top notes: jasmine, rose. Middle notes: spice, cedar. Bottom notes: sandalwood, musk."
"Warm lemony scent of grated fresh ginger."
"A duplicate of the popular Yankee type fragrance. A beautiful blend of lemon, orange and ginger oil top notes with lily and lilac, orange flower and lime oil on a base of vanilla, amber and musk."
"Fresh tobacco, green leaves, bergamot and eucalyptus with ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon leaf, rose, black pepper, lily and jasmine with patchouli, rosewood, musk, cedarwood, tonka and vanilla."
"Fresh ginger notes enhanced by notes of nutmeg, lime, lemon and black currants. Middle notes of jasmine; base notes of white musk."
"Formerly known as Ginger Fish (Primal Elements type). You've asked us for years to get this fragrance and we finally found a spot-on duplication. This fragrance is all sparkly with top notes of lime and lemon, followed by a heart of ginger, generic fruit notes and a drydown of musk. Ginger Ale smells just like a really citrus ginger ale. It's fresh, it's happy and hip."
"Light and mellow with a hint of sweetness, this fragrance is a perfect summer pick-me-up. No carbonation required!"
"Fresh and bright, fruity floral with juicy green apples and ripe pineapple mingled with fizzy ginger spice."
"A spicy, citrusy fragrance with light floral notes."
"Ginger Chiffon is a wonderful tingly scent. It is just so light and airy. It is a strong scent but it gives feelings of warmth and light, also with a touch of sweetness."
"A fresh, green sparkling fragrance. Blended from the leaves of vervaine citronelle with fresh cilantro, undercut with hints of flowers and spice."
"A little tiny bit sweet, a little spicy and luxuriously creamy. This fragrance is amazingly silky and exotic. The scent plays with notes of cream, ginger, even sandalwood and a drydown of soft sensual musk that is a little bit naughty when kissed by spice."
"Warm notes of ginger are enhanced by lemon, black currant and nutmeg, leading to a floral jasmine-led middle, with a sweet, smooth drydown of white musk and amber."
"An exotic, fruity blend, with top notes of lemon, ginger and orange leading to a warm middle of fig, plum, clover and honeysuckle. Bottom notes of vanilla, sandalwood and heliotrope add sweetness and staying power."
"Sun-warmed figs and vibrant ginger are entwined with notes of hyacinth and cedarwood for a sophisticated sultry blend."
"Exotic petals of lily and innocent muguet flourish in this melodious floral. A tender mist of ginger coats this beautiful blossom."
"Citrus and ginger scents are hot! Capitalizing on this trend, our blend of Ginger-Lime is comprised of the obvious title notes, as well as some extras to make the mix just a little bit more complex and exciting. Rounding out the marriage of ginger and lime are supporting notes of lemon, lily, grapefruit and a miniscule amount of spice. This scent is reminiscent of Primal Element's 'Ginger Fish' soap."
"Other places may carry Ginger Lime fragrance, but no one's got it like we do! This best-seller is a HUGE hit! Knock-your-socks-off STRONG, this one will run you out of the house! More lime than ginger, it's got a fruity kick to it with just the perfect blend of ginger!"
"The zing of ginger combined with the fresh scent of a juicy lime. If you're a lime lover, you'll go nuts over this one!"
"Awaken the senses with this popular mix of freshly grated ginger root blended with freshly picked plump green juicy limes."
"A zippy combination of tangy limes."
"Ginger blended with the tartness of lime. The lime cuts the heavy spice of ginger - a nice blend."
"A smooth blend of ginger infused with sweet maple notes."
"An exotic new scent with notes of ginger flowers, nutmeg, bergamot, coriander, with the heart of peach, jasmine, ginger root, ending with hints of musk and sandalwood. It's better than ginger ale, it's better than ginger tea. It's Ginger Milk!"
"'Ginger Milk, with delectable hints of piquant lime, bright ginger and creamy vanilla, bring us back to our purest source of comfort.'"
"This scent is a duplication of the Thymes Ltd. fragrance of the same name. Notes of sweet, country fresh cream blended with refreshing aromatic ginger makes this the most luxurious scent imaginable."
"Now you can enjoy the most warm and comforting scent of lush, dreamy, rich mocha with a delightfully creamy heart. This is a positively delicious scent and the best part is, it won't add a single calorie, but you would swear it would the moment you sniff this amazing scent. You will imagine being curled up with your favorite quilt in front of a crackling fire while the snow drifts lazily down outside. I PROMISE. We decided to carry this one for the holidays but it's so good we may keep it all year round."
"Blend of ginger and orange."
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