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"Fruity top notes of strawberry, peach, orange, melon and mandarin sit atop a fruity-floral middle of freesia, lily of the valley, raspberry and papaya. Deep sweet balsamic vanilla notes complete the accord. Like a sunny day in the rainforest in a bottle!"
"Top notes of tropical acai berry and bamboo lead to a floral middle of jasmine, orange blossom and flirty Southern magnolia. The base consists of sandalwood, musk and the surprising freshness of green rose. If you love the scent of 'Clean' or 'Amazing Grace', you'll love our re-creation of 'Acai Berry & Magnolia'."
"If the color green had an aroma, it would be Aliage -- its top note is a powerful green herbal complex, leading to a middle of jasmine, thyme, pine, and a touch of spice, with smooth oakmoss, deep woody vetiver, sandalwood, musk, and myrrh in the drydown. If you're a fan of herbal fragrances, this one is not to be missed."
" notes of mandarin and melon, which quickly metamorphose to a strong floral middle led by notes of jasmine, orange blossom and rose, atop a woody base supplemented by vanilla and musk."
"Just a touch of grapefruit softened beautifully with the sweet aroma of apricots - the very definition of an 'I could smell this all day' blend..."
"Top notes of peppermint and spearmint kick off this walk through a shady herb garden. Refreshing, cool, unisex - a perfect 'wake me up!' blend..."
"Sweet, ripe notes of mango with the tiniest kiss of mint to keep things crisp and fresh."
"A delightfully almondy scent softened just a bit around the edges with tiny touches of citrus and floral (think Jergen's lotion) -- but primarily almond, almond, almond."
"Top notes of apple, pear, ylang, rose, and aloe vera lead to an herbal-floral middle of lavender, violet, lilac, jasmine, and natural lavadin, atop a bottom of musk, vanilla, clove, and cedarwood essential oil. Tremendously green, fresh, and unisex -- the perfect eye-opening morning shower scent!"
"This is a simple, easy-to-like tropical blend of tiare flower, vanilla, coconut, ylang ylang and a touch of white musk."
"Top notes of all-natural Italian bergamot and lemon essential oils are sweetened with fruity touches of peach, plum and ripe raspberry. This is a brief prelude to a mind-blowing midsection composed of a classic floral trifecta of jasmine, orange blossom, and rose. A hint of cedarwood and an enormous splash of the most glorious, long-lasting, head-spinning white musk imaginable make for a clean, sexy finish."
"Amber is a mainstay of perfumery, adding a warm, sweet, woody note to blends."
"Beautiful, rich amber is enhanced with fruity top notes of pineapple, black currant and plum; a floral middle and bottom notes of Egyptian musk and vanilla absolute."
"...roasted hazelnuts, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, honey. The sweet notes in this blend are offset by patchouli and a green chypre accord."
"...the best cucumber fragrance we've ever come across - light and fresh and true, with absolutely no perfumey overtones. Inspired by Kiehl's Cucumber Essence."
"...citrusy and intense, and very different from our Grapefruit or Yuzu fragrances. The grapefruit notes are enhanced and softened with touches of plum, rose and warm woods. Inspired by Kiehl's Grapefruit and 'is a dead-ringer for Prescriptives Calyx fragrance...'"
"...a rich, warm vanilla with touches of smoke, honey and musk. Inspired by Kiehl's Vanilla Essence."
"An irresistible blend of baked apple, orange peel and spice notes of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. It's finished off with just a kiss of vanilla."
"The full, luscious apricot notes are supported by hints of black currant, orange, jasmine, rose and vanilla."
"This nectar-infused blend is a luscious fusion of fruity apricot, herbal chamomile, sugared berries, soft musk and sweet vanilla."
"A delightfully fresh and complex sea blend with citrusy-ozonic top notes of Italian bergamot, Egyptian geranium oil and water fruit. Floral midnotes of rose damascena, gardenia and lily of the valley lead to a lasting, mysterious bottom..."
"Aria' is a gorgeous, sophisticated white floral blend perfect for any application. Our version of this Italian beauty begins with citrusy top notes of lemon and natural bergamot, which make way for a strong, long-lasting floral heart of jasmine, orange blossoms, rose and irresistible notes of lily of the valley. The fragrance is finished with soft, aromatic base of cedar, musk and sandalwood."
"...opens with green fruity notes combined with melon, dewberry and awapuhi. A floral heart of muguet and jasmine gives way to bottom notes of musk, vanilla and precious woods."
"Our duplication of Johnson & Johnson's classic baby powder scent."
"Strong, rich and sweet! Notes of banana are supported and complexified (you can use words like 'complexified' when you're describing a banana fragrance) with hints of black currant, caramel, raspberry and vanilla."
"A classic, clean combination of bay and citrus perfect for men's soaps and toiletries."
"Sure, it may sound a little weird, but trust me - a bar of soap that smells like a big chunk of raw beeswax is, as it turns out, really, really neat."
" top notes of bergamot, Italian lemon oil, basil and orange oil from Brazil. A spicy-floral heart of lily of the valley, coriander and ginger leads to a long-lasting bottom of precious woods, musk and amber."
"Notes of crushed petitgrain, tarragon, mandarin, grapefruit and clementine move into a floral heart of yellow freesia, rose and jasmine. A deep finish of white musk, patchouli, sandalwood and ocean moss... A very 'spa-type' sea scent..."
"Top notes of almond lead to midnotes of almond, which gracefully trail off into bottom notes of almond, almond, and more almond."
" amazing blend of black currant, black currant leaf and Bulgarian rose - the result is a startlingly fresh and complex accord that strikes the nose as alternately green, spicy, floral and fruity..."
"Sexy, sexy, sexy! A deep, dark modern take on orchid, a mainstay of classical perfumery. Our re-creation of this designer fragrance begins with top notes of ginger, black pepper, and ylang blossom, leading to a spicy floral middle of gardenia, jasmine, orchid, and clove bud. As with all deep, intense fragrances, the bottom notes are key: patchouli, amber, balsam, vanilla, musk, and sandalwood provide a sweet, smooth, mysterious finish."
"A warm and spicy unisex fragrance that's sure to turn heads! Subtle yet unignorable, this fragrance is amazing on its own and could also be blended with florals to make them spicier and more exotic.Top notes of black pepper and lemon lead to a spicy-floral middle of cumin, coriander, ginger, jasmine, and violet leaf, all atop a sweet, deep, long-lasting base of oakmoss, musk, amber, and patchouli. Luxurious, subtle, mysterious and elegant!"
"A deep, dark delicious raspberry... Top notes of pineapple, plumberry, strawberry, raspberry and peach lead to floral midnotes of jasmine and rose, with a warm sweet drydown of vanilla, musk and amber."
"This is the truest blackberry scent we've found - rich and fruity."
"The fruity sweetness of blackberry paired with calming, herbal sage -- genius! Wild, fruity-berry top notes of cassis, blackberry, red raspberry and grape lead to a violet-sage middle, with a soft, earthy musk base."
"Our exclusive fragrance is citrusy and fresh, like a desert oasis. Top notes of apple cassis, black currant and citrus lead to a lily-rose middle, all atop a bottom of soft woods and oakmoss."
"If you've only smelled kid-oriented, bubblegum-y blueberry fragrances, this one will amaze you. Why? Because this blend smells uncannily like *real* blueberries."
"Top notes of juicy blueberry, orange and lemon verbena lead to a fruity-floral middle of strawberry, pear, lilac and violet. A soft, lasting drydown is provided by vanilla and musk."
"Fresh top notes of leafy green, orange flower, spice, peach, melon and honey lead to a floral middle of jasmine, white lily and ylang, with a sweet-soft drydown of sandalwood, amber, vanilla, musk and oakmoss."
"The sunny, summery, unmistakable smell of a day at the beach - no bikini required! Our faithful interpretation of this Bobbi Brown classic combines sand, sea and suntan lotion for a scent that will have you thinking summer on the rainiest or snowiest of days."
"Top notes of orange blossoms, lemon, neroli and tangerine lead to a floral heart of violet and lily of the valley with a soft, sexy drydown provided by smooth sandalwood and white musk."
"At the top, clementine and bergamot are blended with nectarine, freesia and water hyacinth. A warm middle of orchid, passionflower and rose dries down to a base of magnolia wood, ginger lily and musk. ... fresh, clean, completely unisex scent..."
"Truly the scent of brown sugar in a bottle, and perfect for sweetening up blends without the intense discoloration a vanilla fragrance would cause."
"Our interpretation of their 'Calamus' is the greenest, cleanest, most unisex scent in our entire repertoire. Imagine an intense fusion of leaves and grass and bamboo and rain and stems, and you've barely begun to scratch the surface. While this blend may strike some as too 'out there' (there's none of the musky or fruity notes that are regularly thrown into everything), for those who want their shower gel, shampoo, and soap to be clean and refreshing (as opposed to musky, floral, sweet, etc.), this is a must-try."
"Unlike peppermint essential oil (which we also carry), this version has a touch of sweetness to it, like those ever-popular round red-and-white candies."
"Rich and coffeelicious - like a Starbuck's latte."
"Our recreate of this scent combines strong notes of tuberose with just a touch of other florals, musk and cedar for an amazingly fresh fragrance that's highly wearable (and would also make a fantastic room scent in potpourri or diffuser bottles)."
"We searched for a chamomile fragrance for over two years, and this is the only one that we feel could stand in for chamomile essential oil."
"The freshness of bamboo combined with creamy tropical white flowers makes this a head-spinning, ultra-green fragrance. Top notes of cool green bamboo are softened and sweetened with a mid-section of jasmine, hyacinth and champaca (champaca is a white flower from the magnolia family and has been used for centuries in fine perfumes). Bottom notes of amber, clove and oakmoss help to anchor the blend while providing just a hint of spicy intrigue."
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