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"Ahhh, sweet love. Gentle caresses of spice, greens, florals and woods. Held tight with bright notes of orange, balsam, jasmine, rose and vanilla."
"One for the bowl, one for me! Two for the bowl, two for me! Picking blueberries has never been easier! This is the truest blueberry that you will ever find."
"Flaming pears with brandy sauce. The brandy cooks off and leaves the juiciest, most succulent, tender pears. The brandy enhances the pear to really make this scent 'pop'."
"Tranquility and truth. A steamy cup of China's best herbal tea with powerful notes of delicate jasmine flower."
"Bring back memories of childhood with this enticing scent. A mix of sweet honey and milky caramel. Hard to describe, but just like the candy!"
"You hear the whirl of the coffee mill, the perking of the pot; the aroma of this imported coffee comes wafting to you! It stirs the senses. This delicate blend of hazelnut with just the right amount of coffee welcomes you to your day!"
"Deep, dark soul kiss. A complete melding of two opposing scents. A very daring and sexy scent. Bittersweet chocolate blends perfectly with woody sandalwood and other woods to give this scent real depth."
"Thoughts of winter turn remorse. Sand and sun must run its course. Sitting back with black shades on. Sipping dreams up from a husk. Limes and coconuts mixed so well! Enjoy this scent in moderation. Lime and coconut rule this scent with a gentle back splash of pineapple and guava."
"A sweet and buttery baked macaroon made with rich almond paste, toasted coconut flakes and just a kiss of citrus zest."
"Freshly simmering cranberries. Potent and robust."
"Cranberries gently mulling. Sweet cardamom is used as a subtle backdrop for pungent clove and cranberry."
"Toasted, sugared coffee flan. Incredible and decadent."
"Cucumber, tangy honeydew, rich cantaloupe and juicy watermelon meld to produce this ripe, REAL scent. Not overly sweet and sticky, just perfect and strong."
"Heart pounding. The dawn of a new day. Excitement fills the air with striking notes of lavender and revitalizing herbal mint."
"The morning mist kisses the freesia bud. The wind gently caresses the juniper. The meadow wears the dewdrop as its fragrant gems."
"Fresh and clean. Herbal eucalyptus opens your mind and the calming green notes of ivy ground your senses."
"The fairies dance in the dark unseen. Bubbling flickers of light. The scents that they kick up in their joy is a bright and tingly scent, just like them. A citrus melody of predominately grapefruit with supporting notes of juicy orange, tangy lemon and zesty lime."
"A heavy, musky, earthy blend with notes of amber and patchouli with a hint of exotic spices."
"A romantic version of an ancient incense. Softer and prettier but still deeply earthy and spellbinding."
"Asian winds blow. Bouncy green notes blended with dewfruit (like grapefruit) and soft berry to create this unique and appealing Asian aroma. Another product from our spa line."
"Ginger Chiffon is a wonderful tingly scent. It is just so light and airy. It is a strong scent but it gives feelings of warmth and light, also with a touch of sweetness."
"A peach so succulent that it bursts with juice the moment you put the knife to the fruit. The sharp aromatic scent of the fresh ginger root combines to give an incredibly beautiful scent."
"A lazy stroll in a formal English garden. Ivy entwines about everything. You pick the soft leaf of a rosemary plant and gently rub it between your fingers. Clean and invigorating, it tingles your nostrils as it clears your mind."
"Smooth chocolate and crisp mint blend together to give a refreshing scent, much like that of the first snowfall."
"The delicate scents of relaxing lavender, comforting lilac and healing aromatic mimosa. Touches with a blessing of cleansing green notes."
"A warm blend of ginger, woody sandalwood and true lavender are melded with litsea, bergamot and smooth violet all combined with the delicate lemon blossom."
"A tangy and tart blend of crisp, citrus lime melds perfectly with fresh, green cilantro. An unexpectedly wonderful Southwestern combination."
"I smell lilacs, smell them in the air! Truly a lovely lilac."
"Masala Chai has a special place in my heart. I LOVE this stuff. I drink it hot, cool, iced and blended! It is a wonderful blend of cumin, cardamom, star anise, honey and milk along with other spices. AND you can actually smell the milk!"
"Warm nights and tropical breezes. Private cabanas, yellow bananas. Drinks sipped through straws. Little umbrellas that would keep your fingers dry. Pineapple mugs, pineapple sticks, pineapple, pineapple and more pineapple!"
"Heavenly honeydew, fantastic fig and appealing apricot! Three simply wonderful fruits make up this one perfectly balanced scent. The fig and apricot give grounding and depth to the sweet honeydew."
"Intoxicating mulberry wine. Moonbeams dance through thick stormy clouds. Lightening strikes, the earth quakes, knees shake, shattering kisses, fleeting fright."
"Rich, creamy, ooey, gooey caramel goodness! What more can we say?"
"Earthy, earthy, earthy. A 70s dream come true."
"Don't expect peony as this tea is named after the rare peony white tea. It is named so because the shape of the leaves in the tea resemble peony heads. A beautiful and exotic white tea. It is a mild, slightly spicy tea with a bit of floral with undertones of berry. Very sexy."
"Cool Moroccan nights spill their spiced winds into the vastness. Become a part of this majesty! Crushed peppercorn, floral fig and port wine. The notes: fresh orchard, zesty citrus and black currant top note; a jasmine, lily of the valley, hibiscus and tuberose middle note; and a figgy patchouli, peppercorn and soft white musk base note with a deep port wine."
"Pillow Fight is beautiful, outdoor sun-washed cotton. There are subtle notes of lilac, honeysuckle and citrus melted with fresh, cleaned sun-drenched cotton. This is not an overly floral scent, but it is very fresh and clean and strong!"
"Imagine a deep healing mud wrap that uses the finest African clays. You can almost smell the activity of the jungle river. A deeper, richer, earthy, animalic scent with raw masculinity. Top notes of galbanum, lavender, sage, cedar and patchouli."
"Sweet and tart and wonderfully aromatic. You can practically taste the sweet raspberry liquid as it rolls around your tongue. A drink to sip and enjoy."
"A stroll on a deserted tropical beach. Wind in your hair. The tree is so loaded down with bananas that you reach out and pluck a beautiful red banana from the bunch. As you peel slowly, a burst of REAL banana greets your nose. There is no fake, sharp banana smell here. This is true banana. Fresh and creamy."
"A new twist on a classic. Rich cream is steeped with romantic rose petals. It is an actual Indian dessert."
"Uplifting chamomile melds perfectly with grounding sage. Very herbal, contains essential oils."
"Down by the sea. On a blanket with my baby smelling the salty waves as they lick the shore."
"Piping hot pie, fresh from the oven. Just like Grandma used to make! Good thing dad knows the recipe! Lots of warm apples and cinnamon with just a touch of crust!"
"It is sweet, innocent and VERY sexy. Layers of musk, vanilla and molasses seduce you before you realize it."
"The smell of the warmed wood from exotic Hawaiian sandalwood has hypnotic effects. Warm, earthy and aromatic."
"A bright and lively scent. A wake-up call to your nose like the slap of ocean waves against bare legs. A truly unique floral!"
"A soft drumming fills the air. Images of things and places fill your mind. Sweetgrass fills the air. So sweet, so herbal, so good. You are in the mood for meditation."
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