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"A combination of warm vanilla with hints of melted butter, baked biscotti, chopped almonds and a dark rum sauce."
"The dark, rich aroma of juicy Bing cherries."
"Black currant fragrance oil is a simply amazing fragrance with strong top notes of black currants, strawberries and mulberries; middle notes of Granny Smith apples; bottom notes of rose and jasmine."
"Features an elegant, sophisticated fragrance. An alluring fragrance with bursts of florals, citrus, sandalwood and an undertone of musk."
"Black Tea is a spicy, sweet, slightly lemony aroma."
"Plump, juicy berries fresh off the berry bush - like the powerful blackberry jam Grandma makes."
"Those juicy blackberries again, blended with aromatic sage tea for a soothing aroma with a touch of fruitiness."
"Enjoy a beautiful blend of delicious blackberries and rich vanilla..."
"A wonderful harmony of caramelized sugar and vanilla blended with heady notes of cedar and tonka bean. The heart of the fragrance is rich with energetic notes of licorice, patchouli, lavender and coriander, freshened with crisp bergamot and mandarin, and finished with soothing notes of anise. Blue Sugar is a fragrance of contrasts - fun and effervescent, yet supremely masculine. A Sephora type fragrance."
"A true blueberry fragrance - sweet, with just a touch of tartness."
"An inviting aroma of baked vanilla and fresh blueberries."
"A vibrant floral bouquet from sunny Texas; this is a true wildflower scent."
"A grapey, sweeter berry fragrance."
"The rich maple sugar that is used in cookies. Heavier and spicier than white sugar."
"Brown Sugar & Fig (B&BW type) is an inviting warm fragrance with notes of fresh fig, cedar, coconut milk and musk."
"Simply a yummy combination of brown sugar with a refreshing splash of lemon."
"Just like the big, chewy kids' gum - sweet and sugary. You'll want to blow bubbles!"
"Fresh and fun, blend of green orientals and fruits resulting in a sweet fragrance with soothing amber and vanilla notes."
"Sweet fruity delight notes of watermelon and cherry lead the way, let your mind do the rest."
"Like those wonderful buttercream candies - smooth, creamy and luscious."
"Smooth, buttery and rich... smells just like a toffee candy."
"Take the toffee candy and add some rich cream, something like a butterscotch sundae."
"The sweet aroma of wild grapes enhanced with hints of strawberries and sweet sugary notes with a light alcoholic background. A wonderful aroma of red sweet cabernet wine."
"Desert-blooming wildflower with a heady, floral note. Light and natural."
"Calla lily and sage grass moving into the softness of lavender."
"This smoky wood scent will send you back to summer nights around the bonfire, warm and inviting with a hint of the outdoors."
"A great Halloween scent! Just like the chewy sweets."
"This is a wonderful, fresh melon scent - like you just sliced into a melon from the farmer's market."
"The aroma of your favorite candy filling, creamy and decadent!"
"The tart crispness of apple layered with the rich, creaminess of caramel."
"A delightful scent of island fun, a blend of sweet fruit nectars will excite your senses."
"Slightly spicy, light floral. A perennial favorite, especially in the summer months when a heavier fragrance can be overpowering."
"A buttery spicy blend with hints of carrot, cinnamon, nutmeg, coconut and vanilla. This aroma is delicious with a buttercream top note."
"The age-old favorite - sharp, sweet wood and a touch of spice, with the reassuring scent of that antique cedar chest."
"A fresh scent with a sensation of texture, warmth and sensuality. Top notes of bergamot, lavender and coriander. Bottom notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, amber and musk."
"Warm and uplifting, composed of green tea, lemon, peppermint leaves and white amber. Chai tea is a very popular beverage in gourmet coffee houses, and this fragrance smells just like it."
"The ultimate fragrance for relaxation! The calming, hypnotic scent of the chamomile flower will instantly melt your tensions away."
"Beautiful floral notes and light, sweet melon notes. Again, a nice addition to the aromachology assortment."
"This scent smells so much like the real thing that you could swear the bubbles are tickling your nose! This is a slightly sweet, effervescent fragrance."
"The most classic of feminine fragrances - pure floral bouquet delight! Unmistakable anywhere in the world!"
"Ripe fruits, a touch of oak and sparkling, crisp grape; just like the fine white wine."
"A sweeter, lighter version of our black cherry; more reminiscent of candy."
"Cherries blended with sweet almond oil. A terrific blend of fruit and nut!"
"A wonderful balance of rich coconut with a hint of cherry. Very refreshing."
"Like cherries jubilee? Then you'll love this rich dessert."
"A soft musk base with top notes of heady oriental flowers. A mysterious, alluring scent."
"A refreshing rain blended with rich oriental florals."
"The ultimate indulgence, without the calories. Rich, creamy and sweet with plenty of cocoa."
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